DTS Dashboard

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(DTS) Dashboard Case Study


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  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Stories
  • User Flow
  • Prototypes


  • Google Sheets
  • Lucidchart
  • Vuetify (Front-end framework)


DTS agents call the original lenders to make sure the title is either sent to the state’s department of motor vehicles or released to RateGenius for processing. The new feature will help DTS agents track titles more efficiently.


The DTS team members are given a print out of all the lenders they need to call for the day with the applications associated with them. It was very difficult to keep track of who they called and the information they gathered.

DTS Call Sheet

Page from hard copy call list.

User Interviews

The Titles department includes several different groups with different tasks and goals. To gain a better understanding of these groups, I observed how they navigated through the work flow and noted difficulties that slowed them down.

I created a user story table that showed each group, their roles, goals, tasks and some challenges.

Titles User Stories

Titles User Stories


The user flow for the DTS part of the process shows at which point a task could be created and how the user would complete it.

DTS User Flow


The call list sheet was transformed into a call list dashboard displaying each lender with an expandable row.

The dashboard shows the status of each of the titles for that lender. DTS users can be assigned specific lenders to focus on as tasks.

DTS Dashboard

User Flow - Prototype Screens

I created a prototype using HTML, CSS and Vuetify framework to explain the functionality to the Titles team and developers.

A handy “click to call” feature opens up the user’s phone client on their computer or they may choose to use a desk phone.

DTS Dashboard - Click to Call

When DTS users click the down arrow on a row, the task list of applications that need title information verified is revealed.

Once the DTS agent gets the information from the lender, they can “check off” the task for that application. This will move the application to the next status and remove it from their list.

DTS Dashboard - Expanded

Other features of the DTS Dashboard project include:

  • An overview of all the lenders who need to be called (DTS List tab)
  • Assignment capabilities
  • Adding notes within the applications if there are any problems with the title
  • Entering the title status within the Title Record screen of an application for better communication and tracking
DTS Dashboard - DTS List
DTS Dashboard - Assign